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There are so many different styles of flooring in homes today and almost each manufacturer suggests a specific floor cleaner to help maintain that flooring.

Floorcleaner.biz offers and suggests the most popular home floor cleaners, and professional floor cleaners out on the market. Flooring can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. It is important to use the right floor cleaners to maintain your investment. And to top that off, your floor makes up and rules the majority of your interior design. You don't want the beautiful, well laid out, impressive home, that has the worn out, dirty looking floors.

Which Floor Cleaner Do You Need??


Floor Cleaners - Professionals


Hands down, when it comes to cleaning your carpets, you need to go with a professional steam cleaning company. You can spot clean your own carpet when need be, but at least twice a year your carpets should be professionally cleaned.

You don't want to bother with those carpet shampooers! You know, the ones you can rent, or the carpet shampooer you have in your closet. Leave them alone, you don't want to use them! The reason you should not use them.

1. Soap attracts dirt. So why would you use a soap based detergent on your carpet? You should not!

2. All that shampoo and good smelling cleaning powder you beat into your carpet...guess what? You can't get it out of your carpet. You don't have enough suction to get it out. The strongest vacuum on the market can't even get the powder floor cleaner, and carpet shampoo out of your carpet. And the rental shampooers; same thing, they don't offer enough suction to get shampoo out of your carpet either. Your best bet is to go with a Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning company. The best to use would be Stanley Steemer. They have been around for a long time, and their truck mounted cleaners CAN get anything they put into your carpet out of your carpet. And your carpet being real wet after a steam cleaning by Stanley Steemer is a myth. They pull out 98% of that moisture.


Which Carpet Cleaner Are You Going To Use?



Why Keep Your Floors Clean?


So do you have pets? If you have a cat, your cat more than likely uses a litter box. Then after they use their litter box, they wander around your home, walking across the same floors your children play on, and you walk around on bare foot. Same thing for dogs, and with all the track in that comes from outside with people shuffling in and out of your home.

All the foot traffic, pets, and anything else that comes in contact with your home. You need to get this off your floors, and out of your carpet. If carpet is not vacuumed regularly, the debris that gets into the carpet fibers will break down much faster, and start to appear dirty, and worn. So floor cleaners are a great way not only to protect your flooring investment, but more importantly to protect your family against germs, and debris that can cause allergies, or respiratory problems.


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